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        All customer information is kept private and confidential. It will never be provided to a third party, secondary business, or any affiliate for any reason except when required by law. I.e. we may only release information when complaince is required by police or legal courts for the purpose of law enforcement.

        For your protection, transactions are handled by trusted payment processors such as VISA, PayPal, etc. Our servers do not process, store, or handle any payment information. This ensures that our employees do not have access to your information, and further ensures your safety in the event of any server breach.

        We retain minimal sales records as is required practice for compliance with business accounting regulations and customer protection. I.e. We keep sales receipts for purposes such as taxes and processing refunds however information is limited to minimal details and does not include payment information other than which payment processor was chosen to process your transaction. All refunds will be provided through the same payment channel.